Nail Art


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Nail Art

Nail services are very important part of beauty at Weddingwik. Nail art and nail spa services are trending these days. That is why we provides products and services related to fingernail and toenail care. It offers nail extensions, nail art, manicures and pedicures of several kinds.

Nail art is the practice of painting decorative designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a special occasion outfit. Over last few years, Nail Art has become a very important part of Fashion and beauty around the world and in history it was a part of aristocracy and determined social status. Nail art is embraced by the top celebrities from Bollywood, fashion, sports, and opinion leaders and is one the latest trends in India.

When in the process of possessing the beautiful and aesthetic extensions of nail, you must conduct some real and very fruitful research and see a mind-blowing variety of the results, like gel, curing by UV, with fiber glass, acrylic or any other variety like overlay. The Nail extensions and the nail art have evolved and developed from the periods of press on the nails, however, one main concept still remains in their system which is nothing else but the use of the nail tip.

When you pay proper and serious attention to the term tip, what is being described is an aspect of the unpleasant that is set to your nail, cut, recognized to your wish, and then treated with gel, fiber glass or acrylic. A nail extension can also look like a natural nail in this process where no tip is used. This formation is often known as a nail extension. So how do you tell the difference between a gel, polymer, and fiber glass nail extension job? These can be recognized in the various products that each process uses.

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