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Weddingwik is a leading makeup artist company in Jaipur, India. Our makeup artist in Jaipur feels very pride in their makeup work and this attachment with work makes our clients happy and satisfied. We only use top brand products and you will feel magic after having makeup.
As a home service provider, we carry our products with us so that you can’t feel any hassle. Our professionals can easily do the makeup of all kinds whether you want dark or light or natural.

We all know that today makeup has very importance in the life of women. Whenever women have to attend the party or function the very first thing they opt is makeup. It has become very compulsory for women and they only want to hire the best makeup artist in Jaipur.

The bride is the main part of the wedding and makeup of her needs perfectly. Wedding is the day when the entire guest has their eyes on the bride and groom. It is the day when you get clicked many photos and videos and those photos you want to look perfect.

So you must choose the right artist for the day. We also provide freelance makeup artist to the home. In this way, you can feel comfortable and could reach the venue on time. Weddingwik is the best beauty parlour in Jaipur as we have an experienced and professional artist. In this, you would not feel any mistake while opting us.

Our Unique Makeup Service Point

• Professional Staff
• 10 Yrs+ Experience
• Up 2 Date Quality Products
• Professionals In Every Segment

Service provided by us for different occasions

We know that every year women have to attend parties and occasions. In which they want to look perfect. It is the reason that we provide makeup service for different occasions. We all that wedding is not the only occasion when you have to get ready there are many other occasions such as engagement, Sagan, reception, annual function of the office, and many other types. We send expert makeup artist in Jaipur at your home so that you could feel confident while arriving at the function.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is very important and in this no-one needed any kind of mistake at that time. It is the reason that most people are choosing our service. It is the day when every girl wants to look the best as it is the most important day of life. When you choose our best beauty parlour in Jaipur then it brings the true spirit of marriage just by your look from top to bottom. We can also provide makeup according to the bride needs and wishes. We all know that all have their desired to look in their mind as we have to frame the look on you. We can easily provide bold eyes look too small ones and natural look to brides.

Occasion make up

You can take makeup artist according to the occasion such as you are getting ready for engagement, reception and many other functions. These function in which you need light makeup instead of a heavy one. Even you can also take our makeup service on your mehndi function. We will provide you glam up look at these functions. So you can look special but it should not look over. These functions are part of the wedding and all want to have different look on each day.

We know that girls do not want to reveal her wedding look before so they opt for natural and light makeup. Without any confusion, you can opt our service at home also and we provide at the best level. We provide such type of look that you become the main attraction of the party but for an only good look.

Normal party makeup

Women not only want to look gorgeous at the wedding as she wants to look stunning in parties. These parties can be of different types like office or family one. In such type of parties, you do not want to look over and get attached to the normal one. We have best makeup artist in Jaipur who know all advanced technique according to the occasion you are going to attend.

In this way, you can get a perfect look and becomes the center for attracting people attention. We are expert in hiding your face pimple, marks, pigmentations, dark circles, and any other type of issue on the face. Our makeup artist provides a magic look to you.

Why choose us?

• Our makeup artist in Jaipur is well-experienced and expert in their work.
• We also provide service at home for ease.
• We only use the top brand and high-quality products so clients could not feel any type of allergy.
• While home service we carry our products and other things.
• Our best beauty parlour in Jaipur provides service for different occasions accordingly.
• Through our makeup customers feel magic and pride.

What are you waiting for? Get an appointment today and get a great discount on bridal makeup service!

We are Professional

We have a team of trained professionals. We enhance your beauty by our trained professional team.

Branded Cosmetic

We only use top brand beauty product. Choose among our beauty product range for you makeup.

Home Service

We also provide home service. We have trained artist who will come your home for your special event.

The Newest Equipment

We use the newest equipment or methods of our all services. We are up to date to newest treads of makeup.

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We give some quality service of mehandi designing, makeup, hair styling, saree draping and nail art.
All Hair Styling Makeup Mehandi Designing Nail Art Saree Draping

Video Presentation

In this video, our staff members show about their mehndi designing work , how they achieve the best results for their clients every day and more. Click the Play button below to watch this presentation.

Our Professional Team

We have a team of trained, professionals of every field of our services. All services we provide i.e. Mehndi designing, Makeup, Hair Styling, Saree Drapping and Nail Art. We have seprate team for all our services.

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we have many satisfied clients, who gave us their valuable feedback time to time. See some of our testimonial give by our clients.
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