Year: 2018

how to apply eyeshadow

How To Apply Eye shadow

How To Apply Eye shadow Eye makeup or Eyeshadow plays important role in makeup. here is the complete guide that How To Apply Eye shadow  it can make your entire makeup at a level or can break if not done properly and a thing can be wrong so we are here to tell all about […]
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bridal makeup artist in delhi

A Complete Bridal Makeup guide

For Bridal Makeup Looks. Apply Your Makeup The Usual Way. Apply the makeup using the right brushes or applicators. Match The Makeup With Your Attire. Image: Shutterstock. Choose The Right Foundation. Use A Highlighter. Practice Few Times Before The Wedding. How To Apply A Blush? Take Care Of Excess Makeup
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New trend : The Air Brush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. An airbrush is characterized by 3 major parts. A powered compressor is used to create an even and controllable airflow through a medical grade hose.
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What is HD Makeup?

HD or high definition makeup has been a familiar term for some time and you may have heard about it while watching a YouTube tutorial or maybe at a beauty or cosmetic store. This makeup technique is an application technique of materials which enhance your best features while concealing your flaws against the amount of […]
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